Welcome Home

Oak Spirit Sanctuary, as a church of Shamanic Wicca, is proud to welcome home all Earth-honoring people of good faith.  We worship in a Wiccan format, but invite others to share their traditions and practices, in keeping with the Natural Laws of the Land.


Upcoming Event

April 12:  Full Moon – Seed, Egg, Grass or Wind Moon 

Sometimes known as the egg moon, this moon is about the budding growth that is upon us. Come join the community as we work egg magick for growth for ourselves and our community. We will plant our blessed and empowered eggs in the Community Garden and watch as our magick grows through the seasons until it is harvest time this fall.
Free Event, Potluck Dinner  (camping or indoor accommodation fees apply)  If you would like to pay for camping or accommodations on line click HERE or visit the OSS Store


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